Error in installaiton: Module ModuleName.dll failed to register

To understand why module cannot register, you'll need to start nanoCAD under debugger and send us the results.
What to do:
1. Download Dependency Walker:
2. Start depends.exe,  File - Open, choose ncad.exe from c:\program files\nanosoft\nanocad x64 en 21.0 folder. It will take a time for loading.
3.  Then Profile - Start Profiling.
Program arguments - /register
Select only the following options: Clear log, Log debug output messages and Use full paths:

Then click OK.
Profiling will start, you will see log at the bottom of the dialog. Please copy it to any text file and send to us.   
Also please send us a system information file.
Creation date: 11/28/2023 5:47 PM      Updated: 3/20/2024 9:28 PM
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