nanoCAD 5 x64

We inform you that nanoCAD 5 is a full-fledged product, the development of which has long been completed. This is an absolutely free version of the program, which is available to everyone for free and without any restrictions. There are no plans to develop a 64-bit version of the distribution, but the existing 32-bit distribution is compatible with 64-bit operating systems, including Windows 10 x64 Pro. 

If you need a 64-bit application, we recommend that you pay attention to our commercial product nanoCAD 21, which has both versions of the distribution and has much more functionality than the free version of nanoCAD 5. A free evaluation license with a one-month validity period is available for any of our commercial products.

You can get the serial number of the evaluation license of the commercial product you are interested in on our official website After the expiration date, the program will stop working completely, or switch to demo mode. 

No funds will be debited at the end of the license validity period.
Creation date: 11/28/2023 6:00 PM      Updated: 3/20/2024 9:26 PM