Some components are missed or corrupted message

This message appears if we cannot load nanoCAD and usually it's when some another program put dll with the same name as nanoCAD libraries not to Program Files folder, but to Windows/system32 folder. It will be easy to fix problem when we'll find this file - nanoCAD has spesial section in ncad.ini file to load correct library. Usually problems are with some geo or gis software placing geodata.dll to system32 folder.

It's quite easy to find problem using Dependency Walker software from - start depends.exe and load ncad.dll and send us errors (or screenshot).

Also, if you send us what software is installed on you PC - we'll try to prepare ncad.ini file for you.

For setup log files - location can be different, try to type %temp% in explorer and you should see this folder, File name will starts from nanoCAD 5.0, but time and date should be time of your installation.
Creation date: 11/28/2023 7:06 PM      Updated: 3/20/2024 9:16 PM