Creating License Server service

Try requesting the license file and installing the License Server in the usual way by selecting the top option in License Server Setup, then following the prompts. 

If it didn't work - create the License Server service manually via lmtools.exe (located in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\CSoft\CS License Server):

Go to Config Services tab
Enter any name for the license server service other than CSoftAS License Server
In the following fields, manually specify the files paths:
C:\Program Files (x86)\CSoft AS\CSoftAS License Server\lmgrd.exe
C:\ProgramData\CSoft AS\LicServSetup\Licenses\License_file_name
C:\Program Files (x86)\CSoft AS\CSoftAS License Server\flex.log
Make sure both checkboxes are checked
Click Save Service (if any error pops up, ignore it)

Try to start the created service. If the service cannot start - open the Services console (you can enter Services in the Windows search bar) -> Find the name of the License Server service -> Right-click on the service -> Properties -> go to "Log on" tab -> Set the "Log on as" parameter as "Local system account" -> Try to start the service.
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