How to set FlexLM ports for License server manually

System requires 1 from diapason 27000-27009 for lmgrd.exe and one arbitrary port for vendor daemon, selecting on start.

Port for lmgrd can be fixed on SERVER line.

SERVER myserver 17007ea8 27001. In client computer you can use 27001@myserver instead of server name.

In this sample it's 27001

For vendor, for example  CSOFT_AS in VENDOR line.

VENDOR vendor [vendor_daemon_path]\
[[OPTIONS=]options_file_path] [[PORT=]port]

for example for port 27009


If you are using LicServSetup you can define both ports while installing.
Creation date: 11/28/2023 7:51 PM      Updated: 3/19/2024 10:19 PM