License borrowing

Borrowing license is available for network license, it allows to take the license from the Server and then disconnect.
We add borrowing options manually if you need.

How it works: connect the second PC (PC2) with the first PC where License Server is installed (PC1). Start nanoCAD on PC2, call BORROWLICENSE command. Now you can disconnect, nanoCAD will work on PC2 during 720 hours (we can increase this time). When this time overs, the license turns back to the PC1 and the license becomes unavailable on PC2. If you need to turn the license back to the PC1 before the time is over, you should connect PC2 with PC1, start nanoCAD and call RETURNLICENSE command.  
Creation date: 11/28/2023 7:53 PM      Updated: 3/19/2024 10:17 PM