nanoCAD can't open/can't display correctly specific files

Sometimes CAD-programs can damage dwg files, and nanoCAD have fatal errors when working on a such files. Fortunately, it has instruments to fix errors in the file. We advice to do the following:
1. run nanoCAD, then call RECOVER command to open the file.
2. Unfreeze, unlock and turn on all layers.
3. Call the command RMPROXY - Nongraphicalproxies to remove proxy objects which do not have a graphic. You can also use XPROXY command to explode visible proxy-entities.
4. Use Purge command to clear waste objects. We also advice to use -PURGE command (works in the command line, without dialog) and use its different options, especially ANnotscales and sorTTable
5. Select all, then call Flatten command. You can do it twice, because some objects can be flattened only the second time.
6. Use Audit command.
7. Use Audit Geometry command twice: first audit z-coordinates, then hatches.
8. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat steps 3-6 several times to fix the file.

Also it would be helpful if you could send us your dwg file.
Creation date: 11/29/2023 9:48 PM      Updated: 3/19/2024 10:34 PM