How to register nanoCAD with e-mail and Registration Wizard

1. Run Registration Wizard and select "Register or activate licese file"

2. If you have serial number, enter it in the field and click Next. The User Authentication window will be opened.
Otherwise choose Get serial number option and follow site instruction for getting serial number, then start Registration Wizard again to activate your license.

3. In User Authentication window enter the following data: your name, your company’s name, country and login (it coincides with email).
Note. Password is not required!

4. Check your information in Confirm Registration Data window. This information will be sent to Nanosoft for getting the local license. Click Next if the data is correct or Back to change it.

Click "Yes"

5. Select "Request license file by e-mail"

and click Next.
Email will be generated automatically. Please do not edit the message.

Send this e-mail and wait for response.
You will get an email with license file. Save this file on your PC.

6. Start Registration Wizard again and choose "Manually activate license file" option.

7. Specify path to license file you get from e-mail

Click Next and Finish.

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