How to add ports to the network license

To add ports to the network license, follow these steps:

1. On your server machine, go to C:\ProgramData\CSoft AS\LicServSetup\Licenses and find .lic file.
2. Open it, using notepad.
3. Set, for example, the first port to 27001 and the second to 3087 as shown in the screenshot:

4. Press WIN + R and enter services.msc
5. Find CSoftAS License Server service and restart it.
6. Next you need to open 27001 and 3087 ports.
7. Try connecting to your license server in Registration Wizard. Don't forget to use port 27001 when connecting:

If you are still unable to connect, please send us Flex and ChekLic logs
Creation date: 4/10/2024 4:04 PM      Updated: 4/10/2024 4:07 PM
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